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Royal Palms Resort & Spa: Sleek, Stylish, Sexy... and a paragon of Service!

Everyone who passes through the portals of The Royal Palms Resort – or crosses the sleek marble threshold into the brand-new boutique hotel – is struck by a perfect-pitch service. It's an enveloping aura of personal care and attention to detail – harmonious as a Japanese tea ceremony yet unobtrusive.

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Now a hip, trendy Gay Fort Lauderdale!

Fort Lauderdale has long been number-one among gay travelers for its casual, laid-back, inclusive vibe -- and its hot all-male resorts and gay guesthouses, where the excitement builds behind closed doors. As the gay Ft Lauderdale scene evolves, the famous beach city is developing a new set of urban amenities and drawing a younger crowd of sophisticated and trendy travelers.

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Men At Work: The Royal Palms Resort & Spa.

For a sneak preview or our 'work in progress' check out our new 'under construction' gallery. Click Here

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Make it to Gay Fort Lauderdale!

Freezing up north? Tired of shoveling snow? Ready for a sunny mid-winter gay getaway?

You could go anywhere. But Ft. Lauderdale has become the obvious destination for gay travelers seeking sun and fun. Why? Because not only is it beautiful, warm, and welcoming -- it's so easy and convenient to get to.


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Genesis of the Royal Palms . . .

With The Royal Palms on the cusp of a major expansion and redefinition into a 62-room luxury boutique gay hotel, let's look back over all this classic resort has accomplished.

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